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SMARTLover, New Tracker For Precision Human Relationship

By Sunday April 1st, 2018Uncategorized

Until now there are many who say, that women are one of the greatest mysteries in the world. Because it is sometimes difficult for a man to understand a woman’s feelings. Especially for couples in an affectionate relationship, understanding the feelings of couples is a challenge in itself. But Dycodex has made it much easier now. Dycodex develop SMARTLover, a new tracker device for couple. This product is dedicated by Dycodex for the better advancement of human relationships in the future. Currently Dycodex is in the process of working with a major hardware accelerator company in China to mass-produce SMARTLover. Dycodex CEO Andri Yadi is currently in Shenzen to provide the latest updates on SMARTLover and its development.

SMARTLover pendant is made of crystal with metal binder. It may look like a simple crystal pendant, but in the metal bind there is a micro tracker that can detect body temperature, heart rate, and also microgesture is useful to determine the body nutrition level, mood, and also the sincerity of this pendant user. SMARTLover can also detect user’s location with GPS module so that the pair can track the user’s location precisely and real-time. All the datas are uploaded into the cloud so it can be accessed through the mobile app. It allows user to know the mood of pendant users right away. SMARTLover translates the data into a simple conclusion such as happy, sad, angry, hungry, or even lying.

The research done by Dycodex team shows 96% accurancy of SMARTLover real-time data translation. Now you no longer need to guess the feelings and conditions of your partner, simply by wearing a SMARTLover on your lover and activate the app in your mobile phone, then you are one step closer to become a smart lover.